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Initials used are:
LF is my wife.
JG, LG, CG, and WG are John, Lynne, Caitlyn, and William Garrison. Lynne is my daughter. Caitlyn and William are two of my four grandchildren.
GT and ST are George and Sharon Taylor. Sharon is my daughter.
GJ, JF, MJ, and KJ are Gregg, Judy, Meredith, and Kendall Jones. Judy is my daughter. Meredith and Kendall are two of my four grandchildren.
Here is a family picture.



Kneeling in front, Lucille Fouts, Caitlyn Garrison holding Meredith, Judy Fouts holding Kendall Jones, and Sharon Taylor.

In the second row, Edna Roper who is Lucille's sister, Lynne Garrison, Merritt Fouts and George Taylor. In the back row are Gregg Jones, William Garrison, and John Garrison.

Initials in the signature are:

LF, Operations Editor, My wife Lucille. She works most of the time.
AM, Arts Illustration Editor is Angela Martin. She and her husband, BM, One of the reporters, live on Matlock Creek. They used to live next door to us on Burningtown. RP, Photographic Editor, is Ralph Preston. He is one of the best if not the best photographer in the nation. He is a professional videographer. One or two of his pictures is usually included each Sunday. You can contact him to purchase prints of his pictures at:
ST is Sharon Taylor, my daughter
DD is Denis Desmond.
DL is Dave Linn.
LM is Linda McKay.
NWO is Nita Welch Owenby
The reporters are Barry Clinton, Patsy Clinton, Donnie Bishop, Kathy Hart, Cindy Kinard, Gail Knight, and Brent Martin. Sometimes other people write articles.

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Le Loos Bullfinch, his wife Cellini, Arnold Rostand, Hulu Trollpe, his wife, Lulu, are Luchorpans who live in caves up on Luchorpan Mountain above our house. I see and talk with them from time to time. They are Little People about 15-24 inches tall. Le Loos is the ruler of all the Luchorpans who live up there. As a matter of fact, he is the President of all Luchorpan People all over the world. Many people other than me have seen indications (but have not actually seen) the Luchorpan People. Le Loos is approximately 5000 years old. Arnold has a dog named Armah.

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Part of the Burningtown News is true, a part is pure fiction which comes from the imagination of one of the editors. Sometimes the thought for the fiction comes from one of our staff members.
The editors of the Burningtown News do not attempt to distinguish between truth and fiction although they are aware of which is which. It is up to the reader to discern what is being read and to choose for himself/herself what is true and what is not.
"Most", sometimes, "all" of the news is true. So far there has not been an edition that is all "fiction" although there have been editions which were mostly fiction.
This is not done in any attempt to mislead our subscribers but to increase understanding and ambiance between editors and readers.
We hope you will understand. Fiction is described as being a "lie" in the dictionary but is also described as "an imaginative creation or a pretense that does not represent actuality but has been invented." It is also defined as being "a LITERARY work whose content is produced by the imagination and is not necessarily based on fact." Fiction in the Burningtown News fits the later definition.
You must decide for yourself what is truth and what is fiction when it comes to the Burningtown News.
The editors take no responsibility whatsoever for your decisions.
Sometimes words will be misspelled. Sometimes there will not be any paragraphs and if there are they may not be in the right place. Punctuation will not always be correctly placed.
It's the Burningtown News. Burningtown is a place where people are what they are.
We do not have the time to correct every little error that is made. Errors you think are errors may be correctly stated the way we think. We hope you will forgive us when you see an error and consider that it is Burningtown News you are reading.



MF and LF, Editors of Burningtown News